Photos by Expressions Hockessin, DE

Are my portraits available to order online?  Online ordering is available to clients after they have had their “Ordering Session”.   It is perfect for making portraits available to family and friends after you have placed your order.  If you are a Custom Portrait client and would like family and friends to have the opportunity to place orders please let me know!  I am happy to put your portraits up for online ordering after our Ordering Session is complete.

How do I view my  portraits and order online?

Click on Info & Online Ordering from the top selections on the website, in the drop down menu select Client Galleries, click on your gallery and type in your password that you were given.  Call or e-mail Ana at Expressions if you lost your password.  302-300-7569,

Click on the image itself to see it larger.  Then click on the small shopping cart icon on top to view your ordering options.  Here, you will place your order.  VERY IMPORTANT, please hit the + sign to add a quantity before clicking “Add to Cart”.

Can I use Pay Pal or a Credit Card?

Yes, both a Pay Pal account and any major credit card is accepted.  When ordering, you will be switched over to PayPal’s site, and there you will hit the PayPal button, even if you would like to use a credit card.  That button will prompt you to choose either PaypPal or a credit card.


Ordering online is guaranteed safe and secure.  If you do not want to place your order online or are having issues, call or e-mail Ana at Expressions Photography, and you can place your order over the phone with a credit card or cash/check to be mailed to Expressions Photography.  302-300-7569 or   Thank you.

Any other questions or concerns, please contact Ana at Expressions Photography by phone or e-mail.  302-300-7569 or  I’d be happy to help you!  Thank you.